Digital Program Smith Gluzman MultiPiano

Orawa WOJCIECH KILAR (1932-2013) Orawa, inspired by the Tatra Mountains and composed by polish composer Wojciech Kilar in 1986, is a short, eight-minute composition based on an ostinato, constantly repetitive rhythm which, as it develops, gains energy and vigor, taking on the character of a lively highland dance, called “zbójnicki” [‘dance of the highland robbers’]. The work is titled after the name of a land situated in the Polish-Slovakian region of Podkarpacie and the river flowing through it, directly evokes the image of mountain meadows where, after grazing their sheep, the shepherds used to dance 'zbójnicki' to the accompaniment of a traditional, highland folk band. The motoric, minimalist music recalls a vigorous river current; it also alludes to highland folklore, including the traditional dance, folk rhythm and phrases, and also the way in which highland folk bands play, giving the composition a character as close to the tradition as possible. This is one of the composer’s most frequently performed works. Wojciech Kilar is also known for his music for films, such as "the pianist". ca. 8 mins.