Hoveret Festival 52_EN

June 22-28 2018 EUROPEANBRIDGELEAGUE WBF Honored guests, Dear friends, The 52 nd International Bridge Festival being the most prestigious event in Israel and in the entire region, is a colorful Bridge Happening, an event suitable for Bridge players across the globe. The tradition started 52 years ago and since then, thousands of players were able to participate in the competitions, win trophies, prizes and accumulate International Master points. This is the flagship event of the Israeli Bridge Federation in which we invest much thought, preparation and effort. This year's new venue provides an opportunity to enjoy technical upgrades that will enhance the player's experience. We take pleasure in hosting some national teams among them the national teams of Poland, Check Republic, Italy and India and we extend special thanks to the President of the EBL: Mr. Yves Aubry, for honoring us with his presence here in Israel at our festival. We look forward to welcoming you all with warm hearts and open hands and to invite you all to participate in the various Festival's events and in between to explore the highlights of Tel- Aviv with all it has to offer. We wish you great success and may the best players win. Finally, we hope this Festival will be a memorable experience for all. Modi Kenigsberg IBF President Gilad Ofir IBF Chairman Micha Mark IBF National Sports Captain Oryah Meir IBF CEO 52 nd Tel Aviv International BRIDGE Festival SHLOMO GROUP ARENA TEL AVIV 7th Isaac Remba St. Tel-Aviv